“Firework” sparks hope

By Stevie Schenk | sschenk@flagler.edu

Listen to the song here: Firework

“Firework” by Katy Perry is wonderful for many reasons.
Initially, the music and beat are catchy, fun and appeal to pop culture.
Then, after looking up the lyrics and watching the music video, a deeper sense and feeling of inspiration set in.

Incredible. Absolutely loved it.

The lyrics give a message of having lost hope and then realizing untapped potential.
The fact that we all see ourselves as something less at times.

Feeling like you have lost.
Feeling like you have nothing left.
Feeling like you have no reason to go on.

But there is hope: there is a chance because there’s a spark within you.

I love this because it’s not saying that everyone is amazing.
It focuses on the fact that everyone has the potential to be amazing.

Ignite that spark, let it shine and you’re a firework.

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