Jackson Holbrook: Unconventional Artist

Written and photographed by Phillip C. Sunkel IV | psunkel@flagler.edu

Gargoyle Photo Editor Phil Sunkel interviewed artist and student Jackson Holbrook for a photo essay.

For an artist like Jackson Holbrook, capturing raw, uninhibited emotion which invokes unease is in its beauty is what drives his passion to create.

As Holbrook worked on his latest piece his unique style quickly became obvious. The eyes and mouths of the subjects he paints literally seem to be speaking to you. All of his paintings seem to jump out at you with a life-like feel that makes you want to crawl out of your skin.

"Happiness seems to be so overdone and boring", said Holbrook. " I just don't get inspired when I'm happy. It's more like when I'm feeling down or depressed I will paint out my feelings. It's my vice."


Along with being a painter, Holbrook also enjoys shooting black-and-white photography with his film camera. "Any time there is light damage or anything like that on the film I welcome those flaws. Art isn't meant to be perfect. Sometimes it gets messed up like that."

"Lust rather than love is a huge inspiration in my paintings. Sometimes lust can be more passionate than love."

One of Holbrook's most haunting paintings "In My Kingdom Cold" is a startling interpretation of his emotions.

2011 Gargoyle Anthology Award Winner: Gold Award for Photo Essay

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