Trivia night becomes popular on Wednesdays

By Angela Daidone |

If searching for a balance between school and social life, look no further than Flagler Team Trivia.

“For one, I think it’s a lot of fun and a break from studying. On the flip side you are still learning something,” Kristin Nelson, director of student activities, said.

Trivia night takes place Wednesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Bugg’s Bistro. Questions vary from history to lost lyrics to pop culture.

It was Nelson’s idea to start trivia night at Flagler College. After realizing the turnout for Tuesday Night Topics wasn’t as high as she would have liked, she said she knew it was time to think of something all students would attend and enjoy.

“I wanted to try something new. They do it all over [so] I thought why can’t we do it here,”she said.

The first trivia night debuted on Sept. 8, 2010 and about 60 students showed up, Nelson said. Week after week the turnout continues to average 60 students. A majority of the teams return every Wednesday.

Junior Marissa Harrer is an avid trivia attendee.

“It’s our Wednesday tradition,” Harrer said, “Trivia and then free pie at Village Inn.”

Harrer first attended trivia night the Wednesday following its initial start.

“I like competition and trivia has always been fun for me,” Harrer said.

Her competitive team consists of about four to five juniors, as there is no team limit. Harrer’s team, on two occasions, has won second place.

Winners receive Bugg’s Bucks: The third place team is awarded $10, the second place team is awarded $20 and the first place team is awarded $40.

Nelson also awards individual prizes to those who have the best team name. Prizes include items such as $10 gift certificates to Twisted Palm and coupons for a free haircut.

Despite not having the best team name or the highest trivia score, everyone receives something for free. This month it’s free pizza on trivia night.

The final trivia night of the fall semester was on Nov. 17. However, Nelson said students can count on more trivia nights next semester.

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