To Anxiety

Contributed by Emily Hoover |

Confined by its fetus, it waits
beneath sight and sound, it bates.
It surfaces as anarchy, conflicting.
It attacks as poison, constricting.

No weapons can stop it, cease and desist.
No person can police it, appease and resist.

Bound my handcuffs of the mind,
the nautilus creates its own design.
Chained with shackles, the mollusk cries,
the plague disseminates further and it dies.

It awakens as fire, cease and desist.
Flames augmenting higher, appease and resist.

Beyond day-glow surrealism, it destroys.
When reality is silent, it deploys.
This filthy little parasite spawns deformity.
It beckons, it coaxes. Complete conformity.

It cannot be mitigated, cease and desist.
It is only syndicated, appease and resist.

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