Men’s cross country team beating all expectations

By Mari Pothier |
Photos by Phillip C. Sunkel

With hard work, determination and team chemistry, Michael Lambert and Alex Bonus said the men’s cross country team keeps exceeding their goals.

After the success of their last meet, they are now the fastest team on record in school history, head coach Dave Williams said. The team finished in third place at the Florida Southern Invitational with Lambert placing ninth and Bonus placing 13th.

“It was weird when it happened… the race was just kind of surreal,” Bonus said.

The team also has four runners from this season on the list of the top 25 fastest individual times in school history. The runners include Lambert, Bonus, Nate Hill and Richard Johnston. According to Lambert and Bonus the team is hoping to get at least five teammates this season on the list but are hoping for more.

Lambert has broken into the top five taking the number four spot. He said it still has not sunken in yet but is thrilled because he can continue to move up even further.

“It’s exciting,” Lambert said. “I mean, ever since last year when I was thinking about top 25, just slowly creeping up, and I wouldn’t have thought last year of being top five already and it’s exciting.”

Bonus has also moved up taking the sixth spot. He said he is only one second away from the guy in front of him and plans on moving ahead.

The team is now focused on their conference meet which is November 6. Lambert and Bonus said the team’s goals for that meet are to place third and continue to get better as a team.

“Everyone has to focus individually on what they have to do in improving and try to shoot for that time and that will collectively work as a team,” Lambert said.

Williams said the team works very well together and credits Bonus, the team captain, as having a major impact on the success of the team.

“He is a very strong team leader, “Williams said.

There is a bond between the runners and both Bonus and Lambert have great respect for each other.

“He [Lambert] really does inspire me to do better and I mean this season having somebody to run with and having somebody to push me back to where I needed to be and where I knew I could be, having that help has been everything,” Bonus said.

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