Get to know Waiting On Brian

By Dakota Lawrence |

Hello fellow music lovers!

This is the first of many music blogs to come, written by Waiting On Brian.

Waiting on Brian is the name of our band here in St.Augustine, made up of three Flagler College students and one additional member.

Jean Paul Robitaille serves as the bassist/violinist, Megan Kovak provides lead vocals, Drew Martin plays the drums and Dakota Lawrence is the guitarist.

Our band participated in several on-campus shows last year including The Coffee Break and B.O.T.L (Bands On The Lawn).

When asked what kind of music we play, we like to give a lot of options. Most notably, I’d say we’re a Reggae/Rock band, but we also plays acoustic surf/folk sets.

Aside from on-campus shows, we’ve played several charity events in St.Augustine and have also played in Gainesville and Jacksonville.

This blog will be updated by different band mates from time to time to tell the readers what we’ve been up to as a band, and to provide readers with a sense of what it’s like to be college students in the music industry world.

So keep your eyes and ears open and look out for our next blog!

Check out the WOB Facebook page.

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