Boutique couple brings TOMS Shoes to St. Augustine

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Owned and operated by Steve and Amy Fitt, GOLDFINCH’s mission is to “offer chic, one of a kind, unique pieces at prices that leave enough money for that night on the town,” Amy said.

In March 2009 GOLDFINCH boutique, a woman’s boutique, opened at 67 San Marco Avenue, Suite A, in the historic uptown district of St. Augustine.

Steve and Amy’s story

The couple met while pursuing their undergraduate degrees out of state. While in college out west they did a fair share boutique shopping and fell in love with the personal service and the one of a kind style offered within these smaller shops and decided that this was something they could bring to Florida, where Amy’s family lives.

After earning degrees in business management (Amy’s degree having an emphasis on Finance, Steve’s degree focused on marketing) they moved to Florida to bring something special to St. Augustine, a boutique carrying the latest trends in women’s apparel; offering brands such as TOMS, Levi’s, Divine Rights of Denim, and Tavik Swimwear, handbags, locally handmade jewelry, footwear and home goods.

“Our daughter Isabella, 3, is already a little fashionista” Amy said.

GOLDFINCH originally opened in November 2007 at a different location.

“We both like birds and knew we wanted a bird to be in our logo,” Steve said. “We were looking at names of different birds and came across the Goldfinch…We loved the way it sounded and the rest is history.”

In 2008, GOLDFINCH was declared as St. Augustine’s Best New Business and in 2009 was named Best Clothing Boutique.

Fashion for a cause

GOLDFINCH’s most recent project is their involvement with TOMS shoes. “The TOMS story is a really cool one,” Steve said.

According to the TOMS Shoes website, the company started in 2006 when Blake Mycoskie visited Argentina and realized children there lacked shoes, putting them at risk for soil-transmitted diseases that could seep through the soles of their feet. It exposed them to un-safe ground making them vulnerable to cuts and sores. With shoes being a requirement at schools, it also prohibited most of them from getting a proper education.

TOMS mission is to provide shoes for these children through the One for One movement; for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, on new pair is also given to a child in need.

The TOMS headquarters in Santa Monica, California gives boutiques around the country an opportunity to become involved in the the project tot spread the word of the One for One movement, raise awareness for the children in need and help to change the world one pair of shoes at a time. 

They wanted to bring TOMS to St. Augustine and after researching all of the local shops, decided that GOLDFINCH, because of its image and look, was the best venue to continue sales for the TOMS line.

To continue raising awareness for the movement, GOLDFINCH is hosting a TOM’S documentary screening on Saturday, October 30, 2010.

“Hosting a TOMS documentary screening is one of those opportunities….[It] is a touching look at the story of TOMS and the way they help kids all over the globe” Amy said.

The film will be playing on a continuous loop from five to nine on the night of the event outside the GOLDFINCH store.  Throughout the night two pairs of TOMS will be given away, along with T-shirts, copies of the documentary and more.  

“We are so proud to be a part of the TOM’S family,” Amy said. “It feels incredible to help put shoes on the feet of children in need—even if the shoes we sell only get to a small percentage of the millions of kids of the world who need shoes so badly.”

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