Contributed by Aaron Turner

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It was dark outside. The flickering lights did little to illuminate the streets. The scream of sirens in the distance occasionally broke the silence. All I could do was stare out the window. Nothing could be seen from the second-story apartment, but all I could do was stare.

The darkness was welcoming and soothing in the spinning reality I was thrown into. Small shapes that I could make out turned into dancing figments of my imagination. I found serenity in darkness and I did not want to let it slip away. This window gave me a portal into a world of unknown but also a sense of peace.

No screaming, no anger, no hate. It was just darkness and my mind hand-in-hand. I let myself fall further into the new world and saw past the shadows and heard more than the sirens. Comfort and acceptance was found in every corner. I was free to think as I pleased in the oasis through the piece of glass. It was all I ever wanted.

But I know it could not last. Escape had only gotten me so far, and running into the darkness would get me nowhere. I tore myself from the window and made my way back into bed. Her loving eyes slowly opened as I took my position next to her.

“Where did you go?” she asked.

“Nowhere. I’ll always be here.”

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