Review: Open Mic Night at Rendezvous

By Megan Hoag |
Photo by Brett Renkert

Tucked away at 106 St. George Street, Rendezvous Bar and Restaurant holds delicious food for the hungry and an impressive variety of beers for the thirsty.

Walk in on any given night and you’ll see a talented local performer on stage. But on a Wednesday, that stage becomes a platform: open mic night.

In addition to her role in a local band, Amy Hendrickson is the creator/MC of open mic night at Rendezvous, which has now been occurring for over two years.

By welcoming all ages and any level of talent, the weekly open mic night continues to be a success, often resulting in an overflow of people into the street.

“This isn’t regurgitated Lynyrd Skynyrd over a slice of pizza,” said Hendrickson, as she opened up Wednesday’s Open Mic Night.

Open Mic night creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and unique, an element that is free for anyone to join.

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