Next SGA President, Secretary, Treasurer win ‘election’ by default

By Lauren Belcher |

The Student Government Association leaders have been decided for Fall 2010.

All members ran unopposed except for Alicia Abbott and Jeff Wheeler for the position of Vice President.

According to the e-mail sent out by Student Services, these are our leaders for 2010:

  • President: Brittany O’Shea
  • Vice President: Jeff Wheeler
  • Secretary: Nicole Gauthier
  • Treasurer: Evan Gardiner

The new president will appoint a Parliamentarian.

Current SGA President David Matulewicz said that chairpersons for next semester will be voted on at Tuesday’s meeting, April 6.

He said that anyone that meets the basic requirements will be eligible to run. At Tuesday’s meeting, people will nominate themselves or others to fill chair positions. People who run unopposed will secure confidence votes. Voting SGA members will elect anyone running opposed.

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