Local band draws strong crowd at first show

By Emily Hoover | ehoover@flagler.edu
Photos contributed by Rob Heinrich

PHOTO CAPTION: All Disaster vocalist Josh Allen screams his lyrics into the microphone.

Although Orlando street punk band The Angst were left stranded on Interstate 4 with a flat tire and had to cancel their performance, St. Augustine punk and metal band All Disaster rocked a strong local crowd at Nobby’s on Saturday, March 20.

They combined with Jacksonville’s hardcore punk trio Foul Intent and Orlando’s pop-punk band BTH to have fun and promote the Florida scene. Meanwhile, the Nobby’s crowd of locals ordered their $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon beers, played billiards and nodded their heads to classic punk CDs in between sets. Members of local bands Premadonnasaurs, the Winslows, Pug Ugly and Karma For Liars attended to show their support for live music at a local venue.

“Punk rock changed my life, it inspired me,” Solana, guitarist for All Disaster said. “I was the nerdy kid all my life. I definitely related to the Ramones.”

Solana, a native of St. Augustine, teamed up with three other local musicians, vocalist Josh Allen, bassist Wade Guidi and drummer Drew Martin, early this year to create what Allen calls “an indescribable fusion” of punk and metal influences. Solana reconnected with Martin at the downtown Lil Champ and they considered blending punk with metal drums. After a few jam sessions, Guidi, Solana’s coworker at Vans, joined the band followed by Allen, Martin’s best friend and lyricist.

While Guidi cites the melodic sounds of Screeching Weasel as a primary influence and Solana prefers faster bands like Minor Threat, Discharge and The Unseen, elements of heavy metal exist within All Disaster, for Allen and Martin both consider the metal band Pantera a definite source of inspiration. As preferences extend from Iron Maiden to Lamb of God, Hot Water Music to The Exploited, one band in common for all members is The Misfits.

Solana, who said he is trying to create a substantial punk scene in the community, frequently attends concerts at Nobby’s because they often book bands with similar sounds. He used myspace, which he said is “a good source to promote bands,” to network with The Angst, one of his favorite Florida punk bands. They had already scheduled a show for March 20. All Disaster, without a complete band or original songs, joined the bill.

“What’s funny is that Charlie booked the gig before the band was together,” Guidi said.

Despite the hard work it took to prepare for the show and create a merge of musical genres, Allen said that their performance was his favorite show to date. “It was such an adrenaline rush,” he said. “I’ve been to a lot of big shows, but it really was great, you know, seeing the audience looking in.”

All Disaster
PHOTO CAPTION: All Disaster, from left to right: Josh Allen, Drew Martin, Charlie Solana, Wade Giudi

The band had a second show on March 27 at Kulture Hookah Lounge, and they will play again at Nobby’s on April 11. They are considering booking a few more shows next month as well. In addition to doing what they love as musicians, the band wishes to add something to the local scene.

“(The music scene) could be better, this is not the town for punk or metal,” Martin, who also plays drums for Flagler College folk rock band Waiting on Brian, said. “But this is the start of a new generation.”

Allen, Guidi and Solana agree, believing that sponsorship, support and word of mouth sustain a local musical community.

“Don’t be brainwashed by mainstream music,” Solana said. “Support your local bands. Don’t be a parking lot punk. Just tune in.”

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