Hard-up students should use local stores’ discounts

By Ashley Wermick | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Cash-strapped Flagler students might not realize that there are several ways available to save money in St. Augustine. One way to save some green is through student discounts. Several local restaurants, stores and attractions offer discounts that are only available to Flagler College students.

A majority of the discounts at shops and restaurants are in the 10-to-15 percent off range. The café inside Carmelo’s offers a 10 percent discount in their sit-down eating area, while Café Cordova—located in the Casa Monica Hotel—gives Flagler students 15 percent off.

Some of the restaurants and shops that offer discounts in the downtown area include Twisted Palm Yogurt, Café del Hidalgo and Luli’s. Other than food-related businesses, The Closet also gives Flagler students a discount on their clothing and other merchandise.

As far as activities go, Flagler students usually qualify for St. Johns County resident discounts at many local tourist attractions. Admission to the St. Augustine Lighthouse is half-off and discounts apply for many of the local museums as well.

The Lightner Museum, located across from the college on King Street, offers free admission for all Flagler students. “Mr. Lightner wanted all St. Johns County residents to visit his museum for free,” said Chris Koons, the weekend manager of the Lighter. “We consider college students residents as well.”

Koons said that an average of 30 Flagler students visit the museum weekly, but she would like to see that number rise. “I wish more students would take advantage of all the discounted and free things to do around here while they still live in the area,” Koons said.

Most of these locations do not have signs stating that there are local student discounts. When in doubt, it does not hurt to ask if the location offers a discount for Flagler College students. All of the locations mentioned only need to see a student identification card to qualify for the discount.

Although it may not seem like a lot of money being saved, it does add up rather quickly. Flagler students could even put the saved money towards tuition, textbooks or maybe just another coffee—or three.

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