What’s Haute: details, details, details

By Jody Marich | gargoyle@flagler.edu

From dresses to shirts, shorts to jeans, embellishment and hardware on clothes are super hot this spring and summer.

Embellishment on necklines is a huge trend. Choosing a shirt with an embellished neckline allows you to accessorize other areas of your outfit instead of adding a necklace. With a detail on the neckline, you outfit will look more stylish, giving you an accessorized look.

Spring tops are popping up everywhere that have removable necklaces, a perfect way to add accessories without having to think a lot about which one to choose.

Studs, beading and rhinestones seem to be everywhere, from shoes to shirts; these accents add spice to any piece.

Studs give you that edginess while keeping up with that rocker 80’s trend that is lingering this season. You can find this hardware on anything from clutches to shoes, to a little black dress or a jacket, whatever your style is there is something studded out there for you! Start with an accessory piece, like a studded belt over a cute dress, or over sized tee and go from there.

Rhinestones add a glam factor to any outfit. Jewels scattered around a top spice up a normal tee.

Sequins are a must. One of my favorite looks is the boyfriend tee with an embellished breast pocket! Super cute and a great way to spice up a plain tee.

With sequin details, ranging from a strip on the sleeve to a flower focal point sequins should be in your spring wardrobe.

The famous sequin tanks are everywhere! Put it under a boyfriend tee with some skinny jeans and you have a super cute school look.

Graphic tees are another great way to sport this trend. Tees are adding the bling effect. There are feminine v-necks with flowers made of sequins or rocker tees with a saying and studs. Whatever your style, there is one out there for you!

Although the neckline is the most popular place to add embellishment, shoulders are getting a lot of attention this season. With trends bringing focus to women’s shoulders, this added detail is perfect without taking the big plunge and wearing shoulder pads or a strong shoulder piece.

Remember, fashion is fun!

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