New site: With or Without-Permish, coming soon

By Melissa Goldberg |
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According to Alex Sharp and Windham Lucking, “It’s more fun when it’s without-permish.”

Lucking, former Flagler student, and Sharp founded

They are college students with big dreams and a pension for mischievous ways. is celebrating the art of mischief, encouraging fans and viewers to share funny stories, pictures and videos of “outlandish behavior.”

Their mischievous ways started at birth, growing up in a small town in Virginia with little to do, no fast food or Wal-Marts. Emergence of this freedom of speech erupted one weekend when Lucking went to visit Sharp at James Madison University as they got snowed in for a week. As their minds wandered, a snow storm turn turned into their dream of work and play. is a site stating a movement of two college students that enjoy having fun, meeting new people, living life and profiting all in one. The website will include a page titled “Without-Permish Moves,” including—the Bead Dip, hair sniff and swooping seagull—inviting viewers to submit their own stories.

When Sharp and Lucking road-tripped to St. Augustine for Spring Break, the concept of “Without-Permish” was introduced last Tuesday night at Panama Hatties. The boys bought blank t-shirts, boy shorts, and iron on letters to spell the name of the site. The founding without-permish crew wore their gear to promote their upcoming website, with four guys wearing W/O-P shirts and three girls wearing W/O-P shorts. “It was a total hit,” Sharp said.

Starting as something to laugh about, without-permish has turned into a movement. “It’s a movement and we invite everyone to hop on board. The more people we talk to, the more people get excited.” Sharp said.

After shelling out $16 for one of the first without-permish t-shirts, Joe Stevens said, “I’m gonna tell Illinois all about Without-Permish. You guys have just opened up a new chapter.”

Co-founders Alex Sharp and Windham Lucking sport black tees for their new Web site,

Sharp and Lucking are pursuing a business venture, planning promotional trips to the West Coast, hosting “Without-Permish Parties,” constructing the upcoming website, creating and finding stories, and currently have a screen-printing company lined up to print tees and other products. Apparel and accessories will be sold from the website.

“Everyone likes mischief. It makes them feel young,” Sharp said. “Windham and I are about the youngest 21-year-olds you’ll find. And when I’m a grandpa and I’m old and senile, I’ll have plenty of wild stories for my grandkids, most of them without-permish.”

The idea of having fun “Without-Permish” is a movement about living life how you want, not amongst anyone else’s rules. The theory of living without-permish has become a business endeavor. The statement two college kids wanted to make is now giving them an extra few bucks in their pockets as without-permish took over St. Augustine.

Sharp and Lucking make a good team because they both love girls, funny people and parties. Sharp is a professional writer and Lucking is an experienced business man. They know hoards of talented people world-wide that have offered to pitch in. They also thank fore-father Joe Morreale, senior at Flagler College, for helping get the ball rolling here in St. Augustine.

“It all started as kind of a joke,” Lucking said. “But the more people we explained the idea to, the more people told us to follow through. I think it’s funny that girls seem to like the idea almost more than guys.”

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