Comedian teases celebrities, Obama on campus

By Kaitlyn Teabo |
Photo by Kaitlyn Teabo
PHOTO CAPTION: Students Dominic Needham (left) and Tristan Joynt (right) stand with comedian Cory “ZooMan” Miller.

Comedian, actor, rapper and entertainer Cory “ZooMan” Miller hit the Flagler Campus last Thursday, Feb. 25 with an outrageous stand-up routine.

Miller has been blowing up the comedic scene since his television debut on HBO’s series Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam and has since been featured on BET’s Comic View and NBC’s Friday Night Videos.

“I am a fan of comedy and making people laugh,” Miller said.

On Thursday night, students were thrilled and even shocked at the former class clown’s performance. Miller warmed up the audience with routine jokes about Kanye West and his mishap with country star Taylor Swift. Then, Miller dropped in cracks about Tiger Woods and his 18 mistresses and more risqué routines.

“He was extremely funny and you could tell at the end he knew more of his boundaries and what he could say to get a laugh,” said Flagler student Arianne Myles.

Among the most memorable seemed to be his almost perfect President Obama impersonation. Sounding just like Obama, Miller poked fun at the first black President and held a press conference while answering the most bizarre questions from students.

“I though he was smart funny and I had an awesome time. The people that didn’t come missed out,” said Flagler student Ashley Bowman.

Miller enjoyed the student’s reaction so much that he stayed an extra hour pumping out his jokes.

“I like colleges more than night clubs because there is a certain level of fun with it and I don’t leave smelling like smoke,” said Miller.

With high dreams and aspirations Miller is climbing the ladder by doing what he loves.

“I love making people laugh, but really I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t serious and didn’t dream,” said Miller. “Don’t stop dreaming, that is the worst thing adults can do.”

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