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So there is style, then there is fashion, and then there is what everyone else wears. Today, I will be looking into a classic computer geek’s stylish apparel. The amazing thing about this type of individual is that they really do not care what everyone else is wearing much less what everyone thinks they should wear. This fact alone almost nullifies any purpose of writing a fashion piece about them.

Be that as it may, should you find yourself spending more than five hours a day on the internet pondering the effects of SSH encoding on the structure of Web site security, then have I got some fashion tips for you this year.

One of the trademarks of a computer geek is that he or she will have at least 2 GB of storage space/data on them at all times. This used to be achieved by carrying around a box full of floppy disks, then a sleeve of CDs and, now, flash drives. Since that memory has followed the path determined by Moore’s Law, fashion has stepped into this domain. Flash disks are small and durable, but when your key-ring gets so full of disk drives that it makes it difficult to plug said drive into the computer it’s time to accessorize. Remove this burden by organizing all your precious disks in a stylish Case Logic set.

Some people have matching purse, card holder and back pack, geeks have matching external drive case, cord case and CD book. This disk holder can keep two flash drives safe and where you can see them at all times, and is available for only $5 from Case Logic.

Now, if matching attire is not for you a $9 Iocell 4GB micro flash drive on a chain and ball necklace, that can be found at Hobby Lobby, can really spice up any ensemble. Hide it in plain sight is often the best way, keep all your password files, and relevant information in front of you at all times.

What Hot Topic is to goths and Aeropostale is to the mainstream, is to geeks.

T-shirts with the molecular structures of your favorite substance, hats that detect wireless signals, and a watch with a secret hidden USB drive, can all be found in this geek wonderland. Popular this year is the USB squid, a USB splitter that doubles or triples the number of USB plug-ins you have. Now you can plug in your multitude of USB drives and your soda can cooler into your computer all at once.

This Web site also has a wide selection of shirts for the rare female geek. Favorites include shirts that read “digital angel” and “I Pwn Boys”, the selection also includes a number of Linux jokes and some very funny HTTPanties.

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