SGA attendance policy to present to Faculty Senate

By Lindsay Imwold |

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, the Student Government Association meeting focused on a new club grant, a few general announcements and some club updates. SGA President David Matulewicz reaffirmed his best wishes for tomorrow’s presentation of the Attendance Policy proposal to the Faculty Senate.

The SGA allocated $300 to the club “Best Buddies” out of the current $487.22 in Club Grant funds. This motion was passed to allow the club enough money for four events in the community of those with intellectual disabilities.

Kristin Nelson raised awareness of the “Don’s Foundation” marathon event, where students sign up to run or walk about three miles for charity. Students may simply donate to the cause, and $8 of each person signed up will go to alternative breaks for Flagler students.

Alternative breaks are funded volunteer trips that happen domestically, nationally or internationally where students can travel and give back to the community by helping build homes in various places.

Community Service is having its dodge ball tournament, and the Green Committee has been planting and germinating seeds to grow gardens for the Flagler College Hunger Initiative. Green Committee is also planning an inter-religious, spiritual gathering for the near future.

Spirit Committee is distributing t-shirts for the next basketball game. The “blackout” game will be the last home game of the season.

Molly Wiley of the Molly Wiley Art Building has a birthday coming up and a card was passed around for her. The Greenpeace vegetarian barbecue was also moved from Monday to Friday.

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