College curbs smoking, redefines chewing tobacco

By Lauren Belcher |

SPECIAL UPDATE: Dean of Student Services Daniel Stewart said the new tobacco restrictions will go into effect starting Fall 2010.

Stewart said there are three parts to the amendment: no smoking in both breezeways from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., no smoking within 50 feet of the west entrance to Kenan Hall, and no chewing tobacco in any building or the newly restricted areas.

According to Flagler’s Safety and Security policies the current smoking policy was enacted around the same time as the 1994 Florida Clean Air Act. “Flagler College prohibits smoking inside any campus building by employees, students or visitors. This ban includes but is not limited to: residence hall rooms, the dining room, snack bar, classrooms, corridors, restrooms, stairways, entry ways, laboratories, work shops, the library, and conference rooms. The smoking of clove or sage cigarettes on the campus is prohibited. Possession or use of a hookah on campus is also prohibited.”

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