Cd Review: Wilco (the album)

By Ben McLeod |

Alternative rock band Wilco has a great new album, and out of their seven studio albums, this one is the best for new listeners.

As far as music, Wilco has done it all. Their first album was country, their second was folk/alternative rock and their third,fourth and fifth introduced fans to the weird, experimental side of the band. But, after their sixth album, Sky Blue Sky (2007), the band decided to take a step back and stick to basic rock and roll. Out of all these albums, their most recent album is not only the best one for new listeners, but amazing for fans as well.

The band’s new album, titled Wilco (the album), is a great, basic alternative rock CD to listen to. When I say basic, I mean there are no songs that emulate the feeling of a migraine, harsh screaming, trippy studio sounds or noise like on past records. Wilco did a good job giving listeners simple music with simple lyrics.

The album starts with the band’s title track, called “Wilco (the song)”. With all the financial problems and economic downturn, there is comfort in hearing, “Wilco will love you, baby,” sung by front-man Jeff Tweedy.

The next track, “Deeper Down”, sounds as if it could be coming from a delicate, intricate music box, but the lyrics are describing a boxer after being knocked out.

“One Wing” is a great song that starts off smooth, but ends in a raging guitar solo, along with an abrupt ending. This sets the mood for the next song, “Bull Black Nova”, which is a repetitive, annoying but yet tasteful song. The music, as well as the lyrics are not soft at all (“There’s blood in the car…there’s blood in the sink…”)

Thankfully the next track, “You and I”, is a much easier, lighter sing. This comforting track features indie singer/songwriter Feist, and is a great duo.

The remaining tracks are either musically reminiscent of George Harrison (“You Never Know”), inspired by Neil Young (“Country Disappeared”, “Solitaire”) or written with the band’s country roots (“I’ll fight”, Sonny Feeling”).

The last song on the album is “Everlasting Everything”, a gentle song with haunting lyrics (“Everything alive must die…
Every building built to the sky will fall…but…everlasting love is all you have”)

Listen to this album, especially if you have never listened to Wilco. It is great to drive to, cook to, sing to or just to put on in the background while you study.

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