By Ashley Wermick |

Listening to Corrine Bailey Rae’s voice reminds me of someone you could find in a jazz club in the 1930s, with the perfect mix of blues and soul.

The British singer/songwriter’s second album The Sea, was released last month and departs from the bubbly and carefree feel of her first self-titled album. It is only natural that this album has a slightly melancholy feel, as Rae’s husband tragically died in 2008. Rae does not dwell on the sadness though– this album also has a lot of mentions of hope and love.

While Rae’s music is considered pop, she borrows sounds from many different genres, such as folk, soul, R&B and gospel. This gives the album a unique sound, mixing techniques and elements which are all tied together by Rae’s gorgeous voice.

The album opens with “Are You Here” which addresses her feelings after her husband’s death with adoration and hardship. This song sets the tone for the whole album: beauty with a hint of sadness.

“I Would Like to Call It Beauty” has powerful lyrics about faith and moving on. The sound is close to an acoustic feel, so Rae’s voice really takes center stage.

It is refreshing to see a musician who doesn’t rely on auto tune or heavy background instruments. Rae is the prime example of someone whose voice is her most powerful weapon. The Sea is a truly unique album that departs from much of today’s music and is worth checking out.

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