CAB hosts first coffeehouse concert

By Michael Popun |
Photo contributed by Rachel Fontenot

A stage was erected in the center of four boxed pillars of light and the table nearby held desserts and beverages from far off realms. In a matter of minutes the Virginia Room was drenched in a soft light that resembled a European sunset. At 7 p.m. on Feb. 4, the stars came out to shine.

This is Flagler College’s first installment of the Coffeehouse Concert Series sponsored by CAB.

The event began with an innocent open-mic show and tell that turned unforgettable with a newly discovered constellation of stars that shared an immense talent. Who could forget Emilio Santoro’s renditions of Bob Marley and Davendra Banhart, or Lauren Taistra who read her vivid poetry to an awestruck audience?

Emily Ward sang from behind her piano as she reminded the audience to breathe as she took our breath away. Let us not forget Marcia Vojcsik who recited an excerpt monologue from her two-year old play.

This was just a sample of what the night had to offer. After an intermission of gathering another cup of coffee as well as our hearts, the event continued with even more vigor.

Benjamin Seanor was first to perform on stage. The junior opened with a guitar and harmonica combination that complimented his upbeat indie-pop selection. All of his songs were original pieces that reflected his own charisma. Near the end of his set, Seanor gave us an exclusive look at some of his most recent material.

A local from Palatka, Seanor found inspiration in Harry Nilsson, Sam Cooke, J Dilla, Bob Wills and Herman’s Hermits. He writes his lyrics to allude to stories and wishes to relate to others through his music. He said when speaking alone, he does not articulate what he truly means. His style of humor is unbeatable and distinct. Information on Seanor’s music can be found on his MySpace account.

Rachel Matthews was the next performer. Her guitar styles resembled a combination of Jewel and Shawn Colvin. Matthews opened with Tom Petty and took requests from audience members performing a rendition of 3 Non-Blondes that was perfect for her.

A native of New York, Matthews is a senior. Her inspiration came from various classic rock artists. She wrote experiences to mark transitions in her life and to vent. She is set to play at Scarlett O’Hara’s Bar and Restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

The first installment of the coffeehouse concert series was a success. Audience member and student Stephanie Boilard said, “No matter what they sang it was heart-felt.”

Coffeehouse’s next installment will be Feb. 25. Ben McLeod, an acoustic instrumental artist, will headline. The rock band Waiting On Brian will open the event.

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