Running On Empty: A song that makes you ‘full’ of energy

There is no better song than Jackson Browne’s, “Running on empty”, to describe senior year at Flagler college.

No matter what your major is, have you noticed that you are always running around?

Running to get internship forms filled out; running to adviser meetings; running to class; running across the west lawn to get free donuts; running to get that last drip of free coffee to help get you through your day; running to bars and parties to soak up the time with our friends.

As seniors, our legs are not the only things getting a workout. Our minds are running just as much as our legs, if not more. Our minds are dealing with the words job, future, goals, plans, internships, resume, experience….enough!

Although we are tired of these words, all we should do is take it one step at a time.

One of my favorite scenes in a movie is in Forrest Gump, when Forrest decides to go on a run. His mom dies, Jenny leaves him, and all he can do is take it one step at a time. He didn’t know how far he was going, but just kept on running. Later in the scene the song “Running On Empty”, by Jackson Browne, kicks in, and instantly puts a smile on your face as if it was written for the moment.

Man, what a good song!

My favorite line is, “I look around for the friends that I used to turn to, to pull me through,
looking into their eyes I see them running too…”

When I hear this line I think of all the seniors at Flagler, and how we are all going through the same thing. We can all listen to this song and relate to it. If you are not completely burnt out on running, try jogging to this song, or at least working out to it.

The second you hear the striking, friendly piano riff, you will be given a swift pick-me-up. Your exhaustion will be cured by the flowing slide guitar. And lastly, your stresses will be lightened by Browne’s soothing, yet inspirational lyrics.

Give it a listen.

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