Graphic novelist highlights Flagler College

By Kaitlyn Teabo |

The haunting myths and legends of historic St. Augustine inspired graphic novelist Andre Frattino to write and illustrate a fictitious graphic novel centered on the city and Flagler College.

“Flagler’s Few and The Reaper of Saint George Street” brings three Flagler College students and a wannabe pirate together. When a murderous poltergeist begins lurking around St. Augustine, these “few” must pull together and save the city.

Frattino, 25, graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga., and works as a manager for the Ghost and Gravestone’s Trolleys. He has conducted more than 50 paranormal investigations in North Central Florida.

Frattino said he always envisioned creating graphic novels and is excited that his first one is about St. Augustine.
Frattino took many trips to St. Augustine as a kid growing up in Gainesville. He fell in love with city.

“I spent one of my many trips to St. Augustine on St. George Street reading ‘Ghosts of St. Augustine’ by David Lapham and thinking it would be interesting if someone did a story about a group of misfits who dealt with the paranormal activity surrounding a city like St. Augustine,” Frattino said.

Frattino’s inspiration came from the city’s history and overall feel. He is especially interested in pursuing paranormal investigations with the number of ghost tours the city offers.

“When the lights go out in St. Augustine, it is quiet and just sitting on the streets at night gives off a weird, isolated, creepy feeling,” Frattino said.

Frattino illustrates landmarks within the city and throughout Flagler’s campus, making them stand out in the graphic novel.

“The paranormal and mythical things of Florida will continue to inspire me for future graphic novels,” he said.
This novel is available at Ghostly Experience at 2 St. George St. or online at He will also be at the grand opening of the new Ghost Augustine store this March for book signings.

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