CD REVIEW: On and On by Jordan Maroko

By Kaitlyn Teabo |

A cool rush of calmness and relaxation with a hint of motivation is exactly what I felt when I listened to Jordan Maroko’s songs off his EP On and On. This five song EP is filled with lyrics from the heart and made with music that is meant to inspire.

Maroko is a college graduate looking for a way to get his story and music out there. On and On is his first EP created with high hopes of recording a full album this January, but his dream wasn’t always to make music. After his friends told him how much they liked his music and how relatable it was, it dawned on him, he could touch people around the world with his music. Turns out writing music since you are 10 years old can actually get you somewhere.

With inspiration coming from bands he listened to growing up, his music is reminiscent of John Mayer or Dave Matthews Band. The pop/rock/alternative EP is something I can play in my room, in the car, or listen to on my iPod in-between classes, The versatility of the light but motivated music is what I like most about it. As Maroko said, “Its got heart and soul.”

On and on has the ability to make any situation I am in more relaxed with Maroko’s style of music. With a mature voice, talent for writing music and all instruments played by Maroko, this EP is sure to go places. I recommend checking out the EP. If you are on the college kid budget go to to check out his cool and collective music.

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