Ultimate Saint: Volleyball dreams come true

Every match has been critical for the season up to this point, and now is no different. I’ve attended every home match thus far for the volleyball team, and lost my voice in the interim.

For the matches I could not attend, I was with them in spirit. For the Wingate match, I gathered a group of friends, streamed it on a big screen and cheered as if they could hear us in North Carolina.

Tonight was a must-win for the Saints, and they played like it. The entire match was close, and the pace was set in the first 10 minutes when neither team had a lead of more than two points.

There were quite a few tips as opposed to kills, and that was very bothersome.

A lot of errors took place throughout the entire match, but no one let it get to them. Instead, they let it motivate them. Both team’s seniors played a huge role tonight both on the court and for the morale of the team, and a few key players stepped up to the challenge.

Only one team could walk away victorious, and this time Flagler got the best of Wingate.

The girls had me a bit worried after the second set when the Bulldogs got the crowd involved, and ran away with the 25-18 victory.

At that point, the Saints decided they had enough. They took over the entire match, not looking back, and bringing the regional championship trophy back to Flagler where it belongs.

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