Ancient City, Crescent Beach inspire Florida painters

By Kaitlyn Teabo |

St. Augustine native Pamela Geiger expressed her artistic style with local scenery at the fifth annual Crescent Beach Paint Out.

The Paint Out allows the public to watch as over 30 of Florida’s “plein air” artists capture local scenes and landscapes. Plein air is artwork painted outdoors with the subject directly in view.

Tim Malles, an artist from Gainesville, participated in the Paint Out to use St. Augustine as an inspiration for his work. “I have been an artist my entire life and to be apart of the paint out is a great opportunity to express yourself and paint the wonderful environment,” Malles said.

Geiger paints from life, things dear and close to her heart. Nature and the joy of living inspire her paintings of landscapes, marine-scapes and special moments.

“I love painting because it is good for the mind and I participate in the Paint Out every year because it allows tourists and other people to appreciate this historic town even more,” said Geiger. “Painting is a gift I give myself each day”.

Artists scattered the St. Augustine streets and painted Oct. 24 through Oct. 31. Once finished, the paintings will be displayed in two galleries in St. Augustine, Island Fine Art and Art Advocate Gallery. Most of the paintings will remain on display and for purchase through the month of November.

During the week of the Paint Out, some of the country’s top artists, including Romel de la Toree and Larry Moore, held workshops for intermediate painters during the week. These workshops, as well as watching artists paint throughout St. Augustine, allow inspiring artists to learn from professionals.

Special events held throughout the week, such as the sunset Paint In at Saltwater Cowboy’s, allows the public to watch or paint a beautiful St. Augustine sunset alongside the artists that participate in the Paint Out.

Although Geiger has lived in St. Augustine for 28 years, she never runs out of things to paint. She is always fascinated with St. Augustine’s landmarks, farmlands and marshes, which provide her infinite subjects.

“I think art is important because it gives people a sense of place and appreciation for the world around them,” Geiger said. “Being part of the paint out allows me to show other people what St. Augustine has to offer and see it through a different set of eyes, an artist’s eyes.”

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