SGA approves 2 more clubs

By Lauren Belcher |

The Student Government Association approved both a Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Club as well as a Flagler College Greenpeace Student Network at its third official meeting on Sept. 29.

It has been about a year since co-presidents Ben Cannady and John Miller decided a Lacrosse Club was needed at Flagler College.

“Flagler needs to diversify the clubs,” said Miller. “We need to get as many social clubs [as we can] out there to pull people in and have some sort of unity.”

The Lacrosse Club is planning to have a meeting next Wednesday and a pick-up game next Saturday. Cannady and Miller have two fields in mind for practices: Orange Park field and the field behind Surf Station.

“Come on out,” Cannady said. “Played or not played, you have huge opportunities to check out a cool sport with zero cost.”

Greenpeace President Victoria Priester and Vice President Dave Hiller are also eager to get their club up and running at Flagler.

“Greenpeace is an international, non-profit organization, whose five major focuses are: oceanic health, forest re-conservation, toxics, global warming and nuclear energy alternatives,” Priester said. “Our primary focus here on campus this semester is Climate Change.”

“I feel like Flagler needs a more passionate student body,” Priester said. She said students need passion “about anything, whatever it could be, I don’t care if it’s Lacrosse or Greenpeace, as long as we’re passionate about something that motivates us.”

“We can make a difference,” Hiller said. “If we work with Green Committee and pool all of our resources, then we can reach a greater audience.”

But Priester points out significant differences between Greenpeace and Green Committee. “We focus on policy while they focus on practice,” Priester said. “We’re more concerned with change on a greater scale rather than local.”

“I hear a lot of people talk about how Flagler is starting to take over, but we don’t really give back,” Hiller said. “We can use this as a way to show that Flagler does give back.”

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