MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Zombieland’

By Lawrence Griffin |

It’s all the rage in these times of economic crisis to make movies and books about the possibility of the ever-looming zombie apocalypse. And it is only fitting that in this time of zombie obsession, right at its twilight, comes “Zombieland,” a movie that isn’t at all afraid to be a trendy pile of pop culture insanity, and also one that remains very enjoyable while being exactly that.

The basic premise of the film is that zombies have overrun the world after a typically vague disease wiped out most sentient life. One character, Columbus, named after the city in Ohio, (Jesse Eisenberg), teams up with a cowboy (Woody Harrelson), a spunky femme fatale (Emma Stone) and her little sister, (Abigail Breslin). These four, after some comical back-and-forth bantering and double-crossing, aim to survive in what they’ve come to call “Zombieland.”

Viewers can expect all manner of goofy, cleverly written slapstick and dialogue-driven comedy alike. One of the more notable bits is Columbus’ list of survival tips, which starts off the film and makes repeated appearances throughout, tinted with humorous undertones every time. There are things like “cardio,” or being able to run for a long time, “check the back seat,” or the “double tap,” which means to always shoot the zombies again to make sure they’re dead for good, and the gushy moral bit “enjoy the little things,” which is the movie’s best shot at a serious theme.

Given the short running time, the movie leaves viewers wanting more, and that’s a good thing. It doesn’t wear out its welcome and it remains enjoyable throughout.

The movie doesn’t try to be pretentious or worldly and give the viewers a back-story. “Zombieland” just starts right off with action and blood and gore and all that good stuff.

It’s refreshing to find a movie that doesn’t feel the need to do anything but tell a good story in the now, and the way these kinds of movies have been going lately, any attempt on the writers’ part to make a full-on back-story might have just come off as trite anyway, with the overcrowded nature of its home genre. This movie launches right off with its story and expects viewers to buy it — and it’s simple enough for anyone to do so.

Just roll with it. Have a good time. Enjoy some zombies getting blown to bits, rinse and repeat.

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