Grads have trouble finding jobs

By Danielle Lazard |

A college degree can only get you so far, especially these days. In this economy it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to find a job after college.

For Flagler College graduate Ryan McCall this is a problem he knows all too well. With a bachelors degree in Business Administration it has been nearly impossible for McCall to find a job.

Graduating in April 2009, Ryan McCall has been actively seeking work in the business field, but has yet to have any success. Currently working as a cashier full time at Tropical Smoothie, McCall hopes to only keep this job temporarily until he can find a profession in the business field.

“It has been a tough couple of months. Since graduating I’ve only gotten a couple of interviews which all went well but the problem is no one is hiring,” said McCall.

Originally from Teleford, Pennsylvania Mc Call has been in St. Augustine for the past four years attending Flagler College and ultimately preparing him self to enter the job market upon graduation. But when the recession hit in early 2008 that had a huge impact on all college graduates from then on.

“I mean I was a fairly decent student, had a 3.0 GPA, had summer internships, and thought I was doing everything I could to prepare for life after college,” said McCall.

This is the reality not just McCall but many other students are facing present day. Most college students have the notion that once they go to school and receive a degree that leads to a lucrative job. But no one could anticipate a job market and unemployment rates quite like this.

As job prospects for the graduating college classes are shrinking it is up to post grad students to aggressively and actively seek jobs, interviews, internships and anything to make them a desirable candidates for potential businesses.

“Within this past week I’ve had two interviews so hopefully I could start getting my life on track. All I can do is hope for the best but be prepared if things don’t go as planned,” said McCall.

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