Passing of a legend and a brush with celebrity

This really doesn’t pertain to my internship but on Thursday, June 25 Michael Jackson died. You know how on events like these people always say, “I will always know where I was when this and this happened”? I think this was one of those days.

I was sitting in the dining room with my friend Kristen and my landlord/roommate Adam, who received a phone call. His brother Ari is an agent for the biggest talent agency in the U.S., so he got the news first: Michael Jackson died. We all were stunned. He can’t die! His unnatural white skin makes him live forever! As we walked to the TV, our footsteps were deafened by the sound of helicopters; there were hundreds of people gathered at the hospital two miles down from our house, where the pop icon had passed.

All through out the day the “twitter-verse” was all up in arms about him. It is kind of weird that two icons died that day.

RIP Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Courtesy of Wire Image

Saturday June 27th:
Anna Lynne McCord is coming in to the showroom today! We are so excited to have her in to try on stuff and have a photoshoot. She took an amazing white Madison Kelly bag and the next day she wore it to The Grove. Wire Image, a paparazzi site posted this picture of the bag she wore as well as the D&Y scarf that we gave her.

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