A ‘Metro’ education

So sometimes the most exciting parts of my day arent at work, they are on my main mode of transportation. aka THE METRO!

On Wednesday this week I got off of work and waited for the bus. This little old lady was ahead of me paying the fare, and the woman bus driver tells her that she needs to put more money on her bus pass because it’s all out. The woman just shrugs and sits down; this must be a recurring matter because the bus driver just sighed loudly and checked my pass.

Keep in mind that the bus has to pull over at each stop if someone is there waiting, as well as when someone on the bus rings the bell to pull over.

So, the bus drives on and the driver pulls over to the next stop because someone is there. The driver says loudly, “Oh you’ve got be kidding me! Can’t anyone walk to the SAME bus stop!” You can see the tension in the faces of everyone on the bus. The people get on the bus and they are paying in change. The bus driver yells at them, “Come on! Come on hurry up and sit down so I can go!” The man paying goes, “Are you kidding me? Chill out.”

This whole time I am thinking that if someone else ticks her off she may crash this bus, and I need a plan of action to escape.

Now we are two stops from where I need to get off. The bus driver sees someone else at a stop and flings the bus two lanes to right and then slams on the breaks. We are in LA, so long honks from aggravated drivers begin. All the bus riders stare in horror at what the lady bus driver will do next. Her reaction? As people board the bus, she leans out her window and screams many, many profanities and gives various fingers to the drivers.

After a minute of this rampage we pull forward and just when I see my the beautiful view of my stop, the little old lady who boarded with me stands up and screams bloody murder, “LET ME OFF! I HAVE TO GET OFF!!!!” The bus driver hits the brakes so hard I was sure that I would have to grab the old lady so she wouldn’t fly out the windshield. The bus driver spins around and says, “I can’t read your mind Ethel. (typical old lady name I think silently) You have to tell me where to drop you off!”

The little old lady gets off the bus but takes a step back in to flick off the bus driver and begins walking down the street. I look around and the whole bus looks like a morgue of faces. But no one is as scared as me, because I know that as soon as the bus driver hits the gas, I have to ring the bell to get off at my next stop.

I ponder the thought of riding the bus a little farther till someone else hits the ringer, but I look down at my six-inch platform heels and grab the rope that rings the bell and wait for my death.

“OH, OH YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!” She slams to halt at my stop and opens the door. I sprint so fast off that bus that I was sure I broke the sound barrier. But I have to laugh because it just seems to unreal.

Other than that episode, work has been pretty slow. I have to attend a trunk show this weekend as well as have plans to go hike Laurel Canyon trail.

The trunk show was alright. Our client Marcia Moran did not appeal to the demographic like she thought she would but all of the models at the fashion show wore her jewelery. Her site is http://www.marciamoran.com and her line is pretty affordable for the high-quality stuff she makes. We were at the event for six hours, which was long, but they had some good candy.

Today we started off the day with a bang. Actually it was more of a foot race to get the showroom and office ready for Samanatha Droke, star of “The Princess Protection Program” movie with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. She is known to be the next big Disney star. I attached some pictures of the shoot but there are more online.

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