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By Clayton Coffman |

His nickname is “Mangenius.” He was Bill Belichick’s golden child. Unfortunately, though, for Browns Coach Eric Mangini, his recent remarks about bringing Brett Favre back won’t fly for even his most die-hard fans.

Mangini said, “He [Favre] might come out to training camp to visit. Maybe I will have him do the show team or just hang out.” Bringing Favre back; that’s as good a decision as trying to spend your way out of a recession.

Favre is done. Anybody that argues he should continue playing needs to visit a psychologist. Mangini, undoubtedly, had a very close relationship with Favre in New York before he was fired. But even hinting at bringing him back, even if it was just to watch, is just plain dumb.

If Favre was brought back it would be like the remake to “Bad News Bears” with Billy Bob Thornton.

The end result wouldn’t be great and Cleveland’s organization would look as childish as the 2005 remake.

The Browns already have two quarterbacks in Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Can you imagine practicing during training camp with the eyes of Brett Favre on you?

That would put Quinn and Anderson in an uncomfortable position knowing that if they screw up, Favre could be there in an orange and brown jersey the following day.

I wonder how Favre feels about this? He’s the one who got Mangini fired after performing awfully in the final four games last season. Why would he want to go back and ruin his coach’s reputation and career again for another shot to play under center?

The fact of the matter is this: Mangini is just asking to get fired. Browns’ fans have been put through hell ever since the NFL decided to bring back the franchise.

There was the infamous bottle throwing incident in 2001 when Browns’ fans erupted in a frenzy after a controversial call. Then there was the Kellen Winslow sideshow. The “warrior” nearly killed himself on a sports bike after trying to imitate Evel Knievel.

And now we have this. Can this honestly excite Cleveland’s fan base? Every NFL fan knows Favre collapsed last December when the Jets had a chance to go to the playoffs.

Bringing in a 39-year-old quarterback who has nothing in the tank would be another disaster for the “Dawg Pound.” And, I’m sure, they wouldn’t want that.

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