Better late than never

Anyone can learn to surf for the summer

By Ben McLeod |

The beaches of St. Augustine are filled with warm weather, sun and fun, making them the main attraction for residents and tourists. What better way to have fun at the beach than to learn how to surf?

Most college students want to learn to surf but think lessons are for kids. This is not true. St. Augustine surf shops such as the Pit Surf Shop and Surf Station offer private lessons for all ages. Just because you are a college student does not mean you are too old to learn.

The Pit Surf Shop and Surf Station will meet your surfing needs so you can hit the water as soon as possible. If you are looking for a good start for your surfing, you are going to need lessons. The main mistake beginner surfers make is trying to learn how to surf on their own. These shops will provide a one-on-one instructor, a surfboard and refreshments for an affordable price. Also, both shops have available instructors every day of the week from April to August.

Pit Surf Shop owner Clint Richardson says success is guartanteed. “With the instructors we have here and the one-on-one methods they use, it would be hard not to learn how to surf,” Richardson said.

St. Augustine resident and surfing instructor Brendan Kenney enjoys teaching people how to surf.

“It is so rewarding seeing the people taking lessons improve,” Kenney said. “People see surfing as a fun sport, and that’s because it is!”

Private lessons for both shops need at least a 24 hour advance notice. All equipment is included, as well as a professional CPR certified surfing instructor. Private lessons last two hours or more, and are available almost all day.

Prices for both shops benefit groups of people who want to learn together. So, if you are nervous to learn, bring a friend or two and the prices will be cheaper. They range from $70 per person for one-on-one, $50 each for two people and $40 each for three people.

St. Augustine is a great place to learn how to surf because the waves in the summer are F-L-A-T.

The water is warm, and college students will have something to show thier friends when school starts back up in the fall semester.

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