Women’s hoops ends season

Tough season comes to a close as Saints look to future

By Kathy Novak | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Coach Sherri Abbey-Nowatzki had some hard decisions to make this year. “There will be harder choices to face and more difficult decisions to make,” said the woman’s basketball coach after the team’s season had come to an end.

“But there’s light at the end of the tunnel — the future for this team is there. We have played to the level.”
With a final record of 5-24 after the toughest schedule in the history of women’s basketball at Flagler, the Saints certainly had their work out for them this year thanks to games against teams like Florida Tech and Jacksonville University.

“I knew we had a tough schedule coming up,” Nowatzki said. “I also knew (with our second recruiting class) with a majority young team, we had a tough transition to go through.”

With Flagler athletics recently moving to Division II competition, the work they had to do also increased.

“We never backed away — I can say that about the team,” Nowatzki said. “Being put up to the mercy of a Division II (schedule) set so quickly, there are no apologies — it has been very challenging. Hopefully we have learned some tough lessons, but we should still be having fun — and still be keeping in mind where we need to go.”

Nowatzki said said some of the struggles the team suffered from included consistency from a new and young team.

“Understanding of injuries and focus can wear a team down,” she said.

“Over 20 years of coaching, I’d put this schedule up to one of my toughest.”

With this season now behind them, the Saints can only look forward to the future competition and successes. A major difference for next season will be the Division II end of season.

“This will help — 18 games are already scheduled. (The Peach Belt) conference gives us something to play for, more regularity. Now, I can be more selective, but still competitive. I was hoping we could handle this season without breaking their spirits.” Nowatzki said.

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