If you don’t need your car, get it out of my way

By Rory Fish | gargoyle@flagler.edu

I start most of my school days swearing. Not because I’ve woken up late, not because I dropped my blow dryer on my foot (OK, maybe this one is true some days). No, I am swearing because I cannot find a parking spot to save my life.

With the wonder that is the St Augustine Parking Garage, why does practically everyone who lives on campus with a car have to keep said car in an on-campus lot? What daily, immediate need do you have for your car?

I remember living in the dorms. I hardly ever left. There was hardly any reason to. My bed, my TV and my food were all within walking distance. Oh, and classes. I remember those being vaguely important. Anyway, my car stayed in the same spot sometimes for a good week.

Why, exactly, do you have to have your car 10 feet away, at your disposal, when everything you need is in your room, which is also on campus? When I, like most students who live off-campus, come to campus in the morning, I’ve got all the crap that I need for the day: textbooks, notebook, laptop, power cord, yadda yadda yadda. That’s a lot to haul from wherever in Hell or Creation I find a place to put my car. That includes the parking garage. That’s a bit of a hike when you’ve got 20 pounds hanging off your shoulder.

So, on-campus dwellers, why not get the parking garage pass and give us off-campus folk a break, eh? Maybe then more people will be spared having me hurl obscenities their way while I try to park my car a little bit closer than South Beach.

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