CAB hosts Battle of the Bands

By Matthew Boyle |

Photos by Matthew Boyle

Battle of the Bands hit the Flagler College campus with a shock on Friday, March 13. A good shock, that is.

“I think it was an extremely successful event,” Quanita Summers, Campus Activities Board Director of Student Performances, said.

“I think the students really showcased a lot of talent tonight,” Summers said.

CAB brought in nine bands for the competition including Call it Conflict, Thieves are Watching, Clown Car Commute, The Pullout and Only After Disaster. Only After Disaster won the competition with a score of 39 out of 40.

“We felt pretty good about it,” Flagler College senior Rich Brooks of Only After Disaster said.

“The more important thing is that it was our first show ever, as a band, so that was kind of monumental. Considering the circumstances, we felt it went pretty well,” Brooks said.

Judges gave bands a score of one through 10 on originality, preparedness, presentation and overall quality of performance. The winning band, Only After Disaster, received a $200 gift card to Guitar Center.

Most bands felt that the event as a whole went well.

“I think it’s great because it gets bands that need exposure a chance to play in front of big groups of people or different groups of people,” Jon Josephson of The Pullout said.

Brooks said he noticed a few couples in the audience dancing during a few of their songs but was somewhat disappointed.

“We would generally like to see more audience participation,” Brooks said.

CAB paid for this event through its budget, which is funded by a portion of each student’s tuition.

“We host our events based on the budget allotted,” Summers said.

“That way, the students aren’t charged when we hold our events.”

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