Bittersweet Victory…

I’ve been getting around to this for a while now. As the Online Editor of the student newspaper, The Gargoyle, shouldn’t I be writing a blog?

It seems that every time I sit down to think about it, something else comes up- whether it be a midterm, another story or just one of those brain-dead afternoons every college student out there can relate to.

Well, anyway, here goes nothing.

As a paycheck-to-paycheck broke college student, I find myself spending my so-called “discretionary income” also known to me as “fun money” more wisely. I’m not going out to bars or restaurants that cost the big bucks anymore and I’ve seen the same from many of my peers. Wherever there’s a deal or a special, that’s where you’ll find me.

With the full-blown economic crisis dominating every facet of our lives, mine included, we have to find inexpensive forms of entertainment and relaxation. For me, that has been staying home or going to my friends’ houses and watching television, anything from NBA to Comedy Central, instead of going out to a fancy place, paying a $3 to $5 cover charge and buying drinks and food for five times what they’d cost to make at home.

The reason, I’ve deduced, that food and drinks are so expensive when you go out, is because you’re out and you get it.

When I see a good movie’s trailer or commercial on TV, one that I would normally get ready to go see on opening weekend, I catch myself asking, “When will it come out on DVD?”

There are so many inexpensive options out there- I just haven’t found them all yet.

What are you doing to save cash while having fun in this topsy-turvy economy?

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