Ultimate frisbee growing in popularity on campus

By Eli Nuzzi | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler College’s previous ultimate frisbee club did not die in vain.

For people who are not too familiar with the sport, ultimate frisbee has been taking over campuses all across America.

Fact: Flagler used to have a Frisbee Club just a few years ago.

This wasn’t an official sport at Flagler, but the club played in tournaments and represented the college.

Like the Kids In The Way song, “Phoenix With a Heartache,” the idea of an ultimate frisbee club will not stay down.

The idea of having this club would possibly spark an interest to add this to the list of sports Flagler has to offer.

Then we can have a competitive frisbee team, like other major colleges do, and get ourselves back on the college map.

Frisbee is one of the least expensive sports to sponsor at a college, therefore, helping the argument to add this sport for people who want to make a positive name with their time here at Flagler College.

In fact, there is a group of people who play ultimate frisbee every Sunday at 3 p.m. on the West Lawn. As more members/new interests show consistently, they will find bigger fields and play this amazing sport.

This group has even achieved Facebook status. The creators of the group are Seth Teston and Ryan Day. Teston is a Flagler student while Day is an alumnus and administrator.

Teston is shooting for a frisbee club for next semester. The bigger goal to conquer after that is to install frisbee as a new Flagler intramural sport.

For more information about frisbee on-campus, look for the Flagler Facebook group “Ultimate Frisbee at Flagler.”
This group is sponsored by Intervarsity.

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