The nit and grit off the field

In Hastings, a good time can be found on an ATV or dirtbike

Photo by Kari Amundson

By Kathy Novak |

Flagler College and extreme sports — not two things you would normally think go together. But that isn’t the case for junior Kari Amundson.

Like most college students, Amundson likes to spend her weekends having fun — and in her case — on the adventurous side of life.

“I have always been into riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers,” said Amundson, a member of the Flagler women’s golf team.

Typically, it isn’t the girls who are into the extreme side of sports, but lately it’s become more popular, and even more so in this region. Although the St. Augustine area doesn’t provide the space to participate, Amundson provides a bit of insight to where the “local” spot is.

“There is a lot of land in [St. Johns] County. It’s called Hastings, Fla. The land that is public is open to the public, but it is a well-kept secret. Only locals in Palatka, Hastings and St. Augustine know about it. Everyone can ride and there aren’t any restrictions. You just have to remember to be safe and not to get too crazy,” Amundson said.

Normally on the weekends, she and her boyfriend go to Hastings and ride.

Hastings, which is located just west of St. Augustine, and about a 25-minute ride away from Flagler, provides the room for these sports such as bogging, mudding, four-wheeling and dirt/mountain biking.

What is different about this sport? Amundson, who also plays tennis and rides go-carts said, “Riding is so much more fun than normal sports. You are able to control a vehicle and race — you can’t do that in any regular sport.”

Amundson would like to increase participation from fellow Flagler College students.

“Yeah, I think everyone can enjoy this sport. It’s fun and different. You just have to remember to be safe,” she said.

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