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JAX band kLoB is growing ‘like a very healthy and beautiful weed’

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L-R: Mike Bowman, Louie LeClaire, Brian Jenkins, Kip Kolb, and Mike Karamarios.

By Taylor Toothman |

Too often a band will start to get lazy once they realize they have a substantial fan base, then it will inevitably smudge slowly into the periphery of music history. Such is definitely not the case for Jacksonville band kLoB, whose relentless enthusiasm for performing tells us that not only do they love their jobs and their fans, but also that they’re not going anywhere. Anywhere but up.

They have performed all over Florida, up the eastern seaboard, and into New York City’s crowded bars and music halls. Their jams stomp through the crowd, creating unity and a happiness to be alive. Try experiencing the bouncy beat of “All the Time” thumping through your brain for four minutes without subconsciously starting to bob your head and hum along. It’s impossible. kLoB is quickly moving up in the industry, and with a great album out, it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing them on national radio.

kLoB front man and namesake Kip Kolb describes the band’s sound as soul music. “That’s where ya feel it,” Kolb said. “In your center. Like when you get nervous, or excited. The songs have a “new familiarity” to them. They don’t sound like the old classics, but they feel like ’em.’

kLoB’s album, speed dial: LOVE — which the quintet of thirty-somethings recorded in St. Augustine and released independently — has sparked the ears of every hearing person in the eastern U.S., and has certainly garnered them a huge following. Kolb’s favorite part of the biz is obviously performing.

“We will play these songs everywhere, and the people will sing with us,” he said. “Favorites are tough. It feels great to groove on “Of a Story,” and it gets ya goin’ to ride out on “speed dial: LOVE.” “Parting Gift” feels great. They all do. Each one does something different to ya. “All the Time” gets people singing — loud. That feels so good.”

Kolb’s voice, which sounds like a Tom Waits-Randy Newman hybrid, blasts and croons its way through the 12 awesome, uniquely saucy tracks of speed dial: LOVE. The band has been together, more or less, for 10 years, and their friendship and easygoing natures come through in each song. They sync as a musical unit so well because they get on so well as friends.

“We have grown like a very healthy and beautiful weed,” Kolb said. “We’re all men. We love each other. Friends. A family. When Louie LeClaire joined the band, he slid right in. Sense of humor, work ethic, dedication, attention to detail, whiskey drinker. Easy. Same with Mike Bowman.

“They are all fantastic people and we all get along. Pickin’ on each other, keepin’ each other in line. On the road, it’s a party. No bickering. At my age (36), that’s how it would have to be. Everything clicks well.”

Life, death, memories, mental calisthenics, weirdness, and happiness course through the veins of kLoB’s music. In the song “3 Cats,” Kolb sings, “You really gotta love what you love with all the love that you got and shine thankful for every day.”

This seems a fitting outlook for a band members who clearly love what they do.

“We’re already a success,” Kolb said. “Watching the fan base grow so quick, and with so much passion, has been extremely exciting. The Big Label thing is out there. If they let us play these songs the way we need to and in front of all the people, no problem. But I’m not adding dancers and DJs so we can be ‘hip.'”

Hip or not, kLoB is a powerful experience, so get their CD and see them live before you die.

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