Deputy NBC political director speaks at Flagler

By Andrew Sherwood |

Mark Murray, deputy political director at NBC news was under the spotlight at Flagler College auditorium forum series on Jan. 27. Murray spoke about the future of the Republican Party after their defeat in the Nov. 2008 presidential election.

Murray graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 1996 and has since embarked on a successful career as reporter for political magazines and newspapers in Washington, D.C. Murray also wrote for’s political blog and appears frequently on national television channels as an on-air political analyst.

Republicans are now trying to find ways to compete with democrats. Murray mentioned that the Democratic Party was in the same position as the Republican Party for the last eight years and the republicans will face challenges to lure voters near the center of the political spectrum as well as youth and minority voters for the next presidential election.

The presidential election results showed that McCain’s majority of votes came from white voters.

The future of the Republican Party will depend on the approach they take towards their new ideologies and the how effective they are at attracting minority and youth voters.

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