Player Profile: John Pietkiewicz

Photo courtesy John Jordan

By Clayton Coffman |

  • How would you rate your play this season?
    “I’d say it’s up and down. I wouldn’t say I’m totally satisfied. Some games I play better than others. But overall, I’m just disappointed we haven’t won more. I think I’ve done fine. It’s definitely been up and down. But I’ve had some good games.”
  • Your record stands at 9-10, what will it take to finish strong?
    “Coach Clark said to just take every game as its own particular season. We only have eight games left and we’re independent. He just wants to make sure every game is equally emphazised as a playoff game. Every game from here on out is a conference game.”
  • What are your chances to play in the postseason?
    “Slim to none. Even if we win out, we’d still only have an outside chance of getting in. In all likelihood, we probably eliminated ourselves earlier in the season cause we got off to such a slow start.”
  • Your father played D1 basketball at Auburn; were you upset it didn’t work out like that for you?
    “Obviously the goal was to play D1. I had a couple D1 looks but they weren’t the right situations. I’m happy with everything here at Flagler. Coach Clark is awesome to play for and all the guys are cool. I like the school a lot. Everything has worked out fine. There’s no animosity between my dad and I.”
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