EMMA series brings culture to Flagler

Concerts encourage community involvement with school

By Eli Nuzzi | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Notifications about the EMMA concert series go out throughout the semester, but few students know what they are about.

The EMMA series is a program that brings culture and inspiration to Flagler College.
There are six evening concerts, four afternoon concerts, two Holiday Pops concerts, one free concert for the community, two free school concerts and four music master lectures.

It is an all-volunteer, nonprofit association.

The EMMA program helps connect Flagler to the community.

Daniel Stewart, dean of Student Services, says, “Local community members who embrace the arts and what EMMA presents are then potential contributors to the college and become [promoters] for what the college gives to the community.”

Laura Stevenson, director of College Relations, adds, “Our partnership with EMMA shows that we are committed to being an integral part of the St. Augustine community. The EMMA concerts and lectures bring people to our campus who would normally not visit our campus. While they are here, they inadvertently see what amazing students we have and what they are accomplishing.”

The main reason Flagler has this opportunity available on campus in the auditorium is based in the partnership the school has with EMMA.

Stevenson said, “The college provides financial assistance for programming and allows use of our facilities at no charge. In addition to being listed as a co-sponsor, the college receives 45 tickets per concert for students and employees.”

Many Flagler students miss out on these opportunities to further themselves through culture.

Stewart agrees. “I do not believe the student body takes advantage of these opportunities unless the student has a musical background to begin with. I believe any student could benefit from broadening their experiences by attending at least one of these during their college career.”

Stevenson said, “In addition to the free tickets distributed to Flagler College, student tickets only cost $5. This in an extremely affordable price for such amazing performers.

Without EMMA’s existence and Flagler College’s involvement, people in St. Augustine and Flagler College students would not be able to appreciate such world renowned acts.”

The community sees everything from symphonies and ballet companies to pianists and chamber orchestras.

The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops is EMMA’s most popular concert, according to Stevenson.

Stewart said, “I believe educational opportunities are not just classroom-oriented but happen all over the campus. This is just another opportunity for students to expose themselves to cultural experiences which may assist them later in life and/or find some cultural experiences they have not been exposed to at this point in their lives.”

Stevenson said, “EMMA concerts complete the arts circle at Flagler. We are able to offer theater arts and visual arts on our own, and EMMA provides students and the St. Augustine community with the musical and dance arts. The availability of the arts enhances the quality of life and education we offer our students.”

To obtain tickets, contact Candace Masters at mastersc@flagler.edu.

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