RIP The Houston Comets

It’s been awhile since I’ve shown my face around here…so here are some random thoughts I’ve had from this week in sports:

– I feel bad for the WNBA, but what does it say for your sport if the team that won your first four championships closes up shop? What would we think of the NFL if the Green Bay Packers did the same?

– If Texas can beat Oklahoma head to head on a neutral site, why should the Longhorns be punished because the Sooners caught Texas Tech on a bad day? Head to head should ALWAYS be the FIRST tiebreaker.

– People can say all they want about Terrell Owens shooting his mouth off, but never once has he nearly shot his leg off.

– I’ve only seen this mentioned in a couple places, but who in the world is wearing sweatpants to the club??? Especially when you’re packing heat. I know whenever I’m carrying I’m wearing blue jeans and a belt.

– Tell me how this makes sense: MLB Players get suspended for 25 games for using steroids. Sean Avery gets suspended for six games by the NHL for calling Elisha Cuthbert his sloppy seconds.

– I think it’s awesome that Avery had the cajones to say something like that in public. Was a pregame press conference the right venue? Probably not. But a suspension? They’re just words, and if anything, it made me pay attention to the NHL — not a small feat. I hope Avery lands in New Jersey, although that’s not likely after he called Marty Brodeur “fatso” last season.

– I got an up close chance to watch the worst offense in major college football this year…can you guess who it was?…

– Have Graham Harrell and Colt McCoy started trying on Detroit Lions jerseys yet?

– I want Tim Tebow to remain at Florida another year if only because I don’t think he’ll be nearly as dominant in the pros. Right now it’s just fun to watch him.

– If the Cowboys beat the Steelers this weekend, can we bring Tony Romo’s name to the top of the discussion about NFL MVP? It’s like two different teams with and without him.

– At this time last year I was spending my Sundays at the Florida Times-Union taking Monday Morning Quarterback calls from unhappy Jaguars fans…I don’t envy the person with that job this season.

– It looks bad for Stephon Marbury right now, but as a person who read the New York papers religiously in high school and saw how screwed up Knicks management is, part of me really wants to side with Starbury.

– Tyler Hansbrough maybe the ugliest player in the history of sports…and I don’t necessarily mean his appearance. He flops around more than a fish out of water on the basketball court, it’s no wonder a Duke player got sick of it last year and jacked him in the face.

– I had the pleasure of attending last year’s ACC Championship game in Jacksonville, the last to be played there for at least a while. I don’t think a rematch between BC and Virginia Tech is going to help Tampa get spectators any more than it did Jax.

– I still think Florida can beat Alabama even if they might not have Percy Harvin, but as Lee Corso would say: “Closer than the experts think, Gators by a touchdown.”

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