Women’s golf finishes fall season

By Chelsi DeCuba | gargoyle@flagler.edu

The Flagler College Women’s Golf team is working hard to accomplish their goal of making it to Nationals this year.

The golf team is currently in pre-season play and they are taking advantage of the time they have to prepare.

They recently competed in The Saint Leo Invitational where they finished in sixth place.

Junior Laura Martellino tied for 35th place in the tournament after carding a 25 over 169.

“The tournament we competed in went well but as a team we could have done better. Overall it was a positive tournament because we played well,” Martellino said.

The Women’s golf team has worked hard to make adjustments in their games to lower their overall scores.

“The biggest improvement we have made as a team is consistently shooting lower scores. My freshmen year we were all over the board and not used to playing in tournaments. Now we shoot basically the same scores at every tournament,” Martellino said.

Though golf is a sport that is oriented more towards the individual, every team member’s score counts.

“During practice we focus on every aspect of the game. I try to practice putting and chipping the most because your short game is really what matters in the end,” Martellino said.

Samantha Smith, a Flagler College sophomore, has set her own goals that will benefit the team and plans to reach them by the end of this year.

“As an individual you want to play your best and that score will reflect your overall team score. Four out of five scores count so you want to have a low score to make sure your team score is low,” Smith said.

Another aspect of the game is teamwork and the golf team’s unity helps them succeed in both practices and tournaments, according to the golf team’s Samantha Smith.

“It definitely helps to get along with your teammates. Practices are easier when we are all friends and when away at tournaments we all have a good time together. It is nice to want your teammate to succeed” Smith said.

The women’s golf team continues to look forward and the players are excited for the upcoming season.

“Spring season we will practice more which can only help so our scores should be lower. Our new coach really wants to see us play at our best so that helps knowing he is behind us,” said Martellino.

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