Surfing 101

Everything surfers need to know about surfing in St. Augustine

By Courtney Gaver |

You feel the board under your feet as you ride the wave in under the warm Florida sun, and then you wake up.

Okay, so you dream of becoming a surfer, but you don’t know where to begin. Well, you’re in the right place. St. Augustine is a great place for beginner surfers with its soft sand and calm waves.

Just because you find yourself surrounded by beaches and numerous surf shops does not mean you should run out and buy a board now.

Most people, like St. Augustine surfer, Faith Wheeler, 20, starting surfing at the age of eight, but only bought a board once she became comfortable with the sport.

“I have been surfing for three years, and learned in Lahaina, Hawaii, where I lived,” Wheeler said. “I have a nine foot board because I love to glide.”

According to Wheeler, beginners should ride long boards because they are easier to get up on. Shorter boards are meant for advanced surfers, and may be frustrating for a beginner.

There are several ways for beginners to find a board that suits them and begin surfing. A great way is to attend a surf school or take private lessons.

The Pit Surf Shop located in St. Augustine Beach offers private lessons with a 24-hour notice from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Rates begin at $70 per person for a two hour individual session.

The Surf Station, which has locations on Anastasia Blvd. and Crescent Beach, offers private lessons, surf sessions, and surf camps for adults. Cost begins at $30 per person, per hour.
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Both of these surf shops include an instructor and all equipment needed. The instructors will know which board will best suit you. You can also rent boards per hour which is a great way to try without a long term commitment.

If you do not have the extra cash to attend private lessons or a surf camp, try looking around campus for a surf “dude” or “dudette.” They may just be willing to take you out to the beach and help you learn how to surf. It’s worth a try, and you might just make some great friends along the way.

Wheeler believes surfing is all about the fun. “Relax, because you cannot surf when you are tense,” she said. “Hang ten!”

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