Post Office goes green

By Josh Wolonowski |

As businesses look for different ways to cope with the economic downturn, green technologies have given the United States Postal Service a futuristic concept when delivering mail.

This past Halloween the USPS unveiled its new line of delivery vehicles, calling them the T-3. St. Augustine is one of eight test sites chosen from across the nation. Other sites in Florida include Atlantic Beach, Ocala and Key West.

According to Jim Nemec, North Florida District Manager, when it comes to the T-3, “The vehicle has a range of 40 miles, a maximum speed of 12 mph and a load capacity of 450 pounds.”

The T-3 is an electric battery powered vehicle equipped with solar panels to power its anti-theft alarm system. With the USPS annually spending more than $8 million a year on fuel costs alone, the T-3 will cost less than 4 cents per mile to operate.

The USPS has 220,000 vehicles nationwide. By introducing the concept, the USPS hopes to replace 195,000 of those vehicles with the T-3.

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