Book Review: ‘Invisible Monsters’

By Kellye Wantz |

For those fans of “Fight Club,” author Chuck Palahniuk wrote another book that will keep anyone on the edge of their seat.

“Invisible Monster” features Palahniuk’s use of self-destructive characters like many of his other novels, but this novel has a slightly different twist.

With the same vivid imagination, Palahniuk takes readers on a ride with more twists, turns and mutilation than Fight Club or his other stories.

The story begins with a beautiful fashion model that has everything a girl could ever want. Shortly thereafter, however, she gets in an accident on the highway that blows off half of her jaw.

The young beauty’s bad luck doesn’t end there. Her fiancé leaves her for her best friend.

Now she is no longer the center of attention but a disfigured, drooling monster, invisible to everyone.

She finds comfort in stranger Brandy Alexander who helps her get revenge on her ex-best friend and kidnaps her ex-fiancé. With their hostage in tow, the invisible monster and Alexander run from state to state breaking into houses rummaging for prescription drugs in medicine cabinets.

With Alexander’s guidance, the jawless ex-model learns to erase her past and reinvent herself.

After every house they change their identities as simply as if they were changing clothes.

This novel is not for the weak stomach.

It starts off slow, but “Invisible Monsters” picks up the pace quickly. Don’t worry about getting bored while reading this book; it jumps around from point to point.

Just sit back and enjoy the dark, wild ride.

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