The sky is falling!

Consider the panic button pushed.

After watching my Cowboys be taken to the woodshed by the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday, I was discouraged, to say the least. This Cowboys team was supposed to make teams like the Cardinals and Bengals look like they belonged somewhere between the Arena League and the XFL. What had happened?

It was a question I was ready to ponder while watching the Cowboys take their frustrations out on the St. Louis Rams this week.

But then the news continued to get worse. Tony Romo, on a useless drive in overtime because of a comeback designed only to tease the Dallas faithful, broke his throwing pinkie. Suddenly Brad Johnson was the starting quarterback of a team with super bowl aspirations. And this wasn’t 2002 and the Cowboys hadn’t also inherited that enormous Tampa Bay defense that Johnson still owes a lifetime of gratitude for his Super Bowl ring.

If that wasn’t enough, on the blocked punt that subsequently ended in a game ending Arizona touchdown, Cowboys punter Mat Mcbriar broke the only useful part of his body, his foot. Oh and Felix Jones, the rookie stud who had scored touchdowns in four of his first five games, partially tore his hamstring.

And don’t even get me started on Pacman. (Four weeks for getting beat up by his own bodyguard? Really Goodell? REALLY?!?!?!)

Pardon me if I never want the Cowboys to visit the desert again.

Now Romo may play with the injury, a punter may be just a punter, Felix Jones’ injury may give Tashard Choice a chance to shine, and Pacman may not have been as good as advertised anyway, but you have to agree that’s a lot for one team to take in one week. We’ll see if it tears them down or unites them. I’m praying for the latter.

Here are my picks for the week:

Chargers over Bills
I think we all knew the Chargers were better than their record.
Saints over Panthers
A crucial divisional game to help the Saints stay on pace with the Bucs…and Falcons?
Bears over Vikings
If the Bears defense can shut down Peterson, and I believe they can, what else is there?
Steelers over Bengals
Your 2008 Cincinnati Bengals, crime and win free.
Titans over Chiefs
Hey Roger Goodell, where’s LJ’s suspension for domestic violence?
Ravens over Dolphins
If the Ravens can’t stop the Wildcat, can anyone?
Giants over 49ers
I expect the Giants to come out firing after their first loss since December of last year.
Cowboys over Rams
A golden opportunity for Romo to test his pinkie and see if he can throw.
Texans over Lions
Who wants to win?
Colts over Packers
Can the Colts continue their turn around?
Jets over Raiders
Over under on amount of Raiders head coaches this season: 4.
Washington over Cleveland
Another trap game for the Redskins, I think they’ll respond better here.
Bucs over Seahawks
Unrelated: Wow Rays, that collapse last night made my Mets look good. Ouch.
Broncos over Patriots
Still comfortable with Matt Cassel, are we?

Last Week: 6-8. Ouch
Overall: 50-38

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