Pumpkin Carving 101: From the Patch to Your House

Photos by Shaun Devine
and Courtney Gaver

By Courtney Gaver | gargoyle@flagler.edu

It’s almost Halloween, and it’s time to carve yourself a pumpkin masterpiece.

For my perfect Jack-O-Lantern, I first had to pick out some pumpkins. I headed to First United Methodist Church at 118 King Street, just two blocks from campus. They have a pumpkin patch every fall.

Pumpkins range from so small that they fit in the palm of your hand to so large you need a wheel barrel to roll them away. Depending on the size, prices range from $0.75 to $14 dollars. All proceeds go towards the church youth funds.

Next, I headed to Target to pick up a simple pumpkin carving kit. I found one in the back of the store with all of the other Halloween goodies. For $3.99 it included a book of beginner-to-advanced patterns, two saws, one scraper scoop, a drill and a wheel.

Although I read the directions, I found it easier to make my own:

First, make sure you cut the hole big enough to allow your hand to fit inside. Get a pair of rubber gloves and use your hands to scrape all the seeds and pumpkin mush out. This will make the process of cleaning out your pumpkin shorter and more efficient than simply using the scoop.

After thoroughly cleaning the inside, I picked out a template which would fit nicely with the pumpkin’s size. Instead of tracing the pattern on and then cutting, I taped my pattern on and cut it out as I carved the pumpkin.

Once everything is cut out, you have completed your masterpiece. If you are going to use a votive candle in the bottom, you want to cut a chimney hole in the lid to allow heat to escape.

Hope you enjoy happy pumpkin carving, and have a very Happy Halloween!

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